Tsetang is the birthplace of earliest Tibetans. It sits on the south bank of the Yarlung Tsangbo River with a moderate climate at an altitude of 3600 meters. 

The nearby Yarlung River scenic area is a national scenic park is located between two mountain ranges : at the north of Himalayas and the south of Nyanchen Tanggula mountains. The Yarlung River flows from the south through the area and empty itself into Yalong Zangbu River.

Yambu Lhakang Palace
The Yambu Lhakang Palace is a five storied fortress built on the spur of a bill that commands an impressive view of the entire fertile valley. It was destroyed during the cultural revolution and the present structure is an exact replica of the original rebuilt 1982.
Traduk Monastery
Traduk Monastery is one of earliest Buddhist temples in Tibetan history. Built in 541 AD, it is said that king Songtsan Gampo established the temple to suppress the ogress in order to prosper his Kongkom. Of all the treasures and relics kept in this monastery, the pearled Tangka "Avalokitesvara at his rest" is the most remarkable one.
Burial Sites
The Tibetans did not give their kings sky burials but chose interment in tombs instead. Historical records speak of 13 tombs in this area but only 9 have been found.